2018 Ironworker Women's Calendar Submission Requests

I have officially begun workon the 2018 Ironworker Women Calendar.  The main pictures submittedshould be a female ironworker (of course) on the job, in the field,doing the work. These pictures should ideally be digital, large file or highdpi, but contact me if you have printed photos, which I can scan and make work,but you'll have to help. I prefer to be able to see the ironworker's facein the main picture.

 Pictures from your phone can work, but selfies don'toften translate well into large format. The phone should also be set to thehighest resolution possible to give us something to work with. I know not allconditions are great on the jobsite for the perfect picture, but if I canpoorly photoshop something useable, I will take what I can. Support pictures,for around the dates can be of ironworker families, with the crew,the jobsite itself. The more pictures I have to work with, the better. Iwould also like pictures of ironworkers participating in theirlocals, teaching or recruiting in schools, swearing in to office, at theconference (Women Build Nations or Ironworker International) or otherwisepolitically involved for the May collage. 

These can all be sent to my email: girlofsteel377@gmail.com

Contact me JULYish. Picturesare all due AUGUST(ish). My associate Elizabeth Beattie of Local 512 will becontacting you for your calendar biography if you have not provided me withone.   

Thank you so much for yourhelp! You know I couldn't put this together without all your help.   

 Thank you so much to theInternational and IMPACT for providing me with the printing and distributionservices that help make this work.   

Take care, work safe, 

Jeanne Park 

Local 377