We would like to send out our deepest sympathies to the families & friends of our fallen Brothers & Sisters from Iron Workers Local Union No. 29.  

Click here for information on Earl Kemp's memorial service.


Bradley List- Bk#1493667            Jan 8,2017

Alan W. Taylor- Bk# 676413        Jan 10,2017

Charles Bogle- Bk#578537          Jan 10,2017

Ronlald Hanson- Bk# 541849     Jan 26, 2017

David Wenholz- Bk#939402        Fab 7, 2017

Joseph Pottle- Bk#561354          Feb 8, 2017

Clarence Tolva- Bk#554058        Mar 26, 2017

Kenneth Galloway- Bk#1184808 May 3, 2017

Walter Jones- Bk#433652          May 3, 2017

Bobby DePriest- Bk#725818      May 24, 2017 

Earl David Kemp- Bk#701481    June 18, 2017

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