important odot information

The following information is made available for those working on ODOT Projects as a Prime or Subcontractors. It is also for those who provide services to these contractors.

If you are wondering, "How do I get retainage paid when I have completed my contract?", please review:

When you have fulfilled your contract and the work has been accepted you can request release of retainage. The Request for Release of Retainage for Subcontracted Work Form, Instructions, Examples and the Request for Release of Retainage for Subcontracted Work Checklist can be found at Once on the ODOT Construction Forms webpage, see Form #734-2510 about three-quarters of the way down the web page. The forms are fillable/downloadable, but it is best is to get them from the site as needed.

Retainage and prompt payment provisions can be found in the Oregon Standard Specifications for Construction section 00170.10 which the Brown Book (aka contract book) incorporates by reference to. See section 00170.10(b):

(b) Prompt Payment by Contractor to First-Tier Subcontractor(s) - According to ORS 279C.580(3)(a), after the Contractor has determined and certified to the Agency that one or more of its Subcontractors has satisfactorily performed subcontracted Work, the Contractor may request payment from the Agency for the Work, and shall pay the Subcontractor(s) within ten Calendar Days out of such amounts as the Agency has paid to the Contractor for the subcontracted work.

More information is available from chapter 25 of the ODOT Construction Manual. Click here to read the information.