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Ironworkers erect the structural framework for high rise buildings, bridges, power plants and towers. They also place reinforcing steel in concrete forms for roadways, foundations, and structures. The aluminum fascia on high rise window walls is also erected by ironworkers. The majority of work done by ironworkers is performed outside. Reinforcing steel requires strength to repeatedly lift 80 – 100 lbs. and carry it at a fast pace across the job site as well as endurance to be able to stay bent over tying wire around the steel for extended periods of time. The majority of structural steel work is performed at great heights; agility and the ability to work comfortably off the ground are a must. Ironworkers are required to complete all duties quickly and safely.

The jurisdiction for Ironworkers Local 29 is all of Oregon, 5 ½ counties in SW Washington. Ironworkers often travel to job sites out of town or where no public transportation is available. A valid driver’s license and good, reliable transportation are necessary items.

Union ironworkers and employers sponsor a four year apprenticeship program. Training is conducted in the classroom and on the job site. Ironworker apprentices attend a four week, daytime training session each year of their apprenticeship. Classes are normally held during the winter months.

Apprentices start at 65% of journeyman wage. Each apprentice is evaluated every 6 months. If there are enough on-the-job training hours and the apprentice’s responsibilities are being met the pay rate is increased as the apprentice’s work skills improve. To qualify for the training program, an applicant must be:

A. At least 18 years of age at the time of application 

B. Physically able to perform the work of the trade

Applications for apprenticeship may be completed on Wednesdays between 9 – 11am or 1 – 3pm. Documents to increase application score (Driver’s License, transcripts, DD214, etc.) must be presented at the time of application. For a complete list of Application Scoring documents see

Applicants are placed numerically on the eligibility list by the application scores they receive. Points are given for education, previous employment, past employers’ recommendations, military service and an in-person interview.  Click Here to view a  list of documents that can help with your application score.  Apprentices are also selected from the established list of eligible applicants.

For more information about career opportunities as an ironworker, contact the Apprenticeship office at:

Ironworkers’ Training Center
11620 NE Ainsworth Cir. Portland, OR 97220
P: (503) 775-0877   F: (503) 775-6027